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Greene is the first New Jersey player to ever score on a penalty shot in overtime. Oddly, it’s the second time in this calendar year the Sabres have lost in OT that way, as Boston’s Brad Marchand beat Lehner to hand Buffalo a 2 1 defeat on another hotly disputed call Feb. 6 in TD Garden..

Just before Election Day, former Trump strategist and Breitbart boss Steve Bannon credited Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie of Virginia with rallying behind the president’s agenda, saying a perceived boost in the polls was an indication that “Trumpism without Trump can show the way forward.” But the opposite may be true. Gillespie may not have fully embraced the president, but he did his part to court Trump voters including embracing the president’s rhetoric on Confederate monuments and kneeling by NFL players during the national anthem. He even received an Election Day boost from Trump himself in the form of robocalls that declared Gillespie “tough on crime and on the border.” But it was all for naught, as the lobbyist and former official in President George W.

In Upper Mount Bethel Township, Donna L. On ice and slush covered northbound Route 611 about 1,500 feet south of Middle Village Road, Pennsylvania State Police at Belfast said. Ajamian, who lives in the township, had to be freed from the SUV by the township fire company and was taken to Pocono Medical Center for evaluation and treatment of injury, police said.

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When we sent things to Oklahoma City, we dropped off a shipment to those [in Joplin] on the way. All that work sex toys, a football rivalry might be a needed diversion. Will the Michigan Wolverines play along for the Nov. In telling the graduates that they have been shaped by the choices they have made, he likened those to the choices Obama had to make in his eight years in the Oval Office.”But, today, he chose you,” said Brown to the joyous cheers of the graduates.Rutgers President Robert Barchi spoke to the attendees after he and Obama made their way to the stadium stage, calling the commencement a “fantastic, historic day” and a “milestone for the university.” His pride in the Class of 2016 was evident, as this group is his first that he has seen grow from insecure freshmen to graduates who are “confident and capable individuals.””They have earned the right to call themselves graduates of one of the oldest universities in America,” Barchi said.”Graduates, I could not be prouder of what you have achieved.”In speaking to his “first class,” Barchi noted that they are the largest the university has ever graduated as well as the most accomplished and most diverse.”My last request,” Barchi added. “Don’t forget your unique place as the 250th anniversary class. Remember our touchstone phrase of this year.

Food and Drug Administration concerning inadequate quality control standards at three of Dr. Reddy manufacturing plants in India. Then on August 10, 2017, Dr. The opening 10 minutes and maybe the last five minutes aside, Chelsea were the better team. Simple as that. If anything, we were lucky to not be 3 0 down after half an hour..

Text >Vivano double and Bauer RBI single gave Fairfield a 1 0 lead in the top of the first wholesale jewelry, but New Jersey Tai Mann tied it 1 1 with a deep home run to right in the bottom of the inning. Andrew Cutler doubled and scored on an error in the second to make it 2 1 Fairfield. In the third, a double from Iannazzo and a strikeout wild pitch allowed Vivano to reach, and both scored when pinch hitter Sean O singled to center to make it 4 1..

We were fortunate to get the extra point. Overtime winner came on a 2 on 1 with Damon Severson. Hall chose to hold the puck and beat Markstrom through the legs from the right face off dot.. Falling to the ground and eliminating a chance to affect a shot or get a rebound is not good defense. But it’s everywhere, because it’s the only way to stop a driving player and get a charge. Defensive players need to be allowed to bump bodies when a ball handler tries to jump over them.

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First month I showed up the rent notice was pinned to the door with a steak knife that had been out in the hallway for whatever reason. I shit you not. I know this all sounds horribly fake. Vehicles covered are four wheel drive versions of the 2014 2015 Silverado and GMC Sierra models; 2015 Tahoes and Suburbans; and the 2015 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL.In addition, GM says it will inspect, and replace if necessary, the windshield wiper assemblies in about 5,000 2013 2014 Caprice police cars and SS sport sedans. The company says if gears get stripped the motors may fail and the wipers might not operate.Finally, GM says it will replace the two rear shock absorbers in nearly 2,000 2014 model year Corvettes to repair a weld that could potentially lead to failure of the shock absorbers.The news comes as the automaker is already in damage control mode for delaying the recall of 2.6 million vehicles for an ignition switch defect that’s been tied to at least 13 deaths. Some GM employees knew the part was causing trouble more than a decade before the recall was issued in February.Now, GM is facing dozens of lawsuits and a number of investigations concerning how it handled that recall.The company has also issued a number of additional recalls this year for problems unrelated to the faulty ignition switch.

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cheap jordans on sale If you want to know who Celtic are signing, this is the place to come. Our top team at Record Sport have broken countless most cheapest jordans transfer stories over the years down Parkhead way including exclusively revealing Celtic wanted Moussa Dembele from Fulham. Keep it locked for all the latest Hoops transfer news.Celtic FCGabby Agbonlahor begs Celtic to make his dream of joining the order jordans online cheap Hoops come trueThe former England man doesn’t have a club currently and would love to join cheap jordans.com Celtic because of the club’s passionate fans.Scottish PremiershipEvery Premiership signing of summer 2018 transfer windowRangers and Celtic made the headlines but there were plenty of moves at all 12 top flight clubs in an cheap jordans 30 dollars epic summer window.Transfer TalkTransfer Deadline Aftermath michael jordan cheap shoes RECAP as Celtic and Rangers plus Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs react to busy summerIt’s your one stop shop for all the latest news and reaction.Celtic cheap authentic jordan shoes FCCeltic’s transfer window was shambolic and it could cost them in Europe and at home Chris SuttonChris says the Hoops were right to offload Moussa Dembele last cheap jordans india night but in general got it badly wrong in the window.Transfer TalkTransfer deadline cheap air jordans.com RECAP: Re live all the drama from the final day of the summer windowIt’s your one stop shop for the latest transfers on the final day of the window.Celtic FCFilip Benkovic joins Celtic as he arrives on loan from Leicester CityThe Croatian defender has joined the club for the rest of the season only three weeks after signing for the Foxes.Moussa DembeleMoussa Dembele on brink of Lyon move as Celtic accept 18m offerCeltic striker will beat the deadline to finalise a move back to France after two years at Parkhead.Moussa cheap jordans 40 dollars DembeleMoussa cheap authentic jordans Dembele set for Lyon move as Celtic ‘agree 20million sale’Reports in France claim Celtic are set to sanction the striker’s move to Ligue 1.Moussa buy air jordans cheap DembeleMoussa cheap nike jordans uk Dembele banished from Celtic training as Brendan Rodgers hits out at Twitter reactionThe France Under 21 striker spent just 15 minutes on the Lennoxtown training pitches today.Youssouf MulumbuYoussouf Mulumbu completes Celtic cheap air jordans 6 move as midfielder signs two year Hoops dealThe former Kilmarnock, West Brom and Norwich midfielder has become Celtic’s fifth summer signing.Eboue KouassiEboue Kouassi told he can leave Celtic after making just 19 appearances for the championsThe Ivorian has cheap jordan slippers signed in January 2017 for cheap jordan shoes online free Cheap jordans shipping 3million.Celtic FCMoussa Dembele tells Celtic board and Brendan Rodgers why he must leave reportsThe Frenchman is cheap jordans for sale near me unhappy about his transfer being blocked and reportedly made these arguments to the club’s hierarchy.Celtic Transfer NewsWho is Filip Benkovic? Celtic target profiled as Hoops close in on loan dealBrendan Rodgers is in the market for defensive reinforcements and Benkovic is set to join.Transfer TalkTransfer news RECAP: Re live Thursday’s rumours and done dealsIt’s your one stop shop for all your latest transfers as the window prepares to close.Moussa DembeleBrendan Rodgers confident Moussa Dembele’s Celtic career cheap authentic jordans for sale online is not overRodgers delivered an update on Dembele, Youssouf Mulumbu and Filip Benkovic this evening.Celtic FCFilip Benkovic to seal Celtic loan deal as defender attends order cheap jordans win over SuduvaThe Croatian defender only joined Leicester for 13m but is set to join on loan.Celtic FCMoussa Dembele bid rejected by Celtic as Brendan Rodgers expects striker to stayThe Hoops star isn’t involved for tonight’s Europa League clash but a bid has been turned down.Moussa DembeleMoussa Dembele left out Celtic squad for Suduva clash as Lyon lie in waitFrenchman is wanted by the Ligue 1 club ahead of tomorrow’s deadline and they are prepared to shell out 20million to land him.Celtic Transfer NewsYoussouf Mulumbu to sign for Celtic cheap cheap jordans on two year deal and there are more to comeBrendan Rodgers poised to make his fifth capture of the summer with the signing of the former West Brom star.Transfer TalkTransfer news RECAP: All the Moussa Dembele drama plus Rangers signings and rest of the Premiership actionIt’s your one stop shop for https://www.cheapjordansmd.com all the latest transfer news with just THREE days left of the window.Moussa DembeleMoussa Dembele absent from Celtic training as Lyon and Marseille target striker ahead of deadlineLyon are weighing up a 15million move for the Hoops hitman who is cheap air jordans for sale online also wanted by their Ligue 1 rivals.Moussa DembeleMoussa Dembele race hots up as Lyon make enquiry to where to buy cheap jordan shoes online Celtic amid potential 15million plus offerMarseille sent cheap nike jordan shoes scouts to watch cheap bordeaux 7 jordans the hitman last weekend but their domestic rivals are now weighing up an offer.. cheap jordans on sale

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“Today the BBBofC have confirmed that Mr Saunders is not in breach of BBBofC or UKAD anti doping regulations and is therefore in good standing and is licensed to box and defend his World Title on October 20th. Mr. Saunders has been tested a number of times in 2018, all negative, his last out of competition test by UKAD was on 24th September 2018.”.

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Disaster preparedness

canada goose clearance Cascadia Subduction Zone (image courtesy National Park Service) canada goose clearance


Canada Goose Jackets If you like me and thousands of others living west of the Cascades, you were left stunned and scared by a recent New Yorker article suggesting that it almost inevitable that Seattle, Portland and other Pacific Northwest cities will be “toast” (as one Oregon State University seismologist put it) when a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake arrives, causing what is predicted to be the worst cheap canada goose uk natural disaster in American history. Canada Goose Jackets

In the days and weeks following the article, there was a lot of arguing amongst other seismologists and the general public as to just how dire the circumstances are. Is it guaranteed that we be hit by a 9.0 earthquake or more? Is it really overdue by decades or could it come in another 75 years? Will we really all be camping outside our houses for over a year without electricity?

Recently I spoke with Bill Steele of the University of Washington Pacific Northwest Seismic Network to separate paranoia and fear from cold hard facts, and to learn more about just what Portland buildings are under the greatest threat.

canada goose clearance sale From the beginning of our conversation, it was clear that one particular type of building is the most vulnerable: unreinforced masonry, load bearing walls and other portions of the building like chimneys are made of brick, cinderblock, tiles, adobe or other masonry material that is not braced by reinforcing beams. Steele believes it just not realistic for us to keep most of them, which is sad, because these old buildings are a huge portion of our city and our architectural character. cheap Canada Goose canada goose clearance sale

“Going back and trying to bring old buildings back up to current standards now that reflect the hazard we face is extremely difficult and in some cases impossible without very expensive base isolation or other strategies,” Steele explained. “You wouldn’t employ that unless it was a very special building like a city hall. What you want to do is try to identify those historic structures you absolutely want to keep and find ways of Canada Goose Online improving their life safety so they don’t collapse on people. And you want to find ways to improve other old buildings or in some cases replace them. One way or the other you hope for all your structures to come up to minimum life safety standard. But it is costly and many of these buildings may have to be torn down after the quake even if the retrofit works. Maybe you were able to evacuate but the building is damaged beyond its reasonable uk canada goose repair. That makes it an expensive proposition to invest in. That’s the challenge: you do you do that? How do you bring everything along?”

But, Steele adds more optimistically, “I think Oregon’s doing a lot of right things. And I know the city is now working on an Canada Goose Jackets unreinforced masonry ordinance and involving stakeholders as we speak. I think Portland and Oregon are moving forward, but it’s going to take a significant investment.” He says a recent visit to downtown Portland revealed a lot of unreinforced masonry buildings there.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Steele also says our plethora of bridges poses an extra problem. “Some were built to minimum code standards. Oregon didn’t always have as high of a code as Puget Sound. It didn’t adopt Uniform Building Code level 3 [which has more rigid seismic protections] as early as Puget Sound did. There are a lot of important structures that are really quite weak and need retrofitting. I know Oregonians have worked to improve the I 5 bridge to Washington over the Columbia. I think that kind of investment is going to be extremely helpful. Even if you lose one or two bridges, if you have alternatives it doesn’t make you an island. So that’s important.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada canada goose store Goose Bill Steele (image courtesy Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale I asked Steele to further explain the UBC levels, which haven traditionally Canada Goose sale been canada goose outlet as high in Oregon as in California and Washington. “The Unified Building Code was one of the first with seismic standards built in based on the hazard. UBC [level] 3 is essentially designed canada goose clearance sale so the building will not http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com collapse when subjected to 30 percent of the force of gravity in horizontal shaking,” he said. “UBC 4 is designed to withstand 40 canada goose black friday sale percent without collapse. It doesn’t mean they will always be safe, but they won’t kill people. That’s the first level of engineering that you want to achieve, your buy canada goose jacket cheap base level. Nowadays Oregon and Washington have adopted the canada goose uk shop International Building Code, which has some different ways of approaching these standards. It’s more adaptable. It takes the USGS seismic hazard maps and takes the probable shaking levels a building will receive on a given site and establishes level Canada Goose Coats On Sale 4’s canada goose uk outlet criteria based on that.” Canada Goose sale

Why stricter standards for Seattle? “Because Seattle has a big crustal fault that has produced quakes. It’s uncertain in Portland with the Eastbank Fault. We both have the Cascadia Subduction canada goose uk black friday Zone, but Seattle has more possibility of local quakes. If you go down to Eugene it will probably be a bit lower than Portland from all sources. It’s all kind of grounded on the best science available, but in some cases like crustal earthquakes we have less experience with it. We have a 10,000 year history with the Cascadia Subduction Zone, but less info about the crustal faults. Many have one earthquake we know about from paleo seismologists. It’s kind of hard to predict based on one quake in the past.”

Steele also said that more rigid codes are not always the answer. “You don’t want to make the codes unnecessarily strict so it unrealistically increases the cost,” he explains. “You also don’t want someone to make the investment and then have it destroyed during a quake. That’s what they’re working on with the IBC, to find the level best suited for the areas. If you’re a police station or a hospital, you just build to a higher performance standard than the basic minimum code. I think key bank is one of the first to do so in the private sector in Portland. They wanted to use their bank canada goose factory sale after the earthquake. These performance based standards are coming into play. UBC can say, here is the minimum life safety value. What level do you want to achieve? It becomes much more tunable, if Canada Goose Outlet you will.”

Does this threat of a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake make Oregon a more dangerous earthquake zone than California? Steele says no. “California has a much higher hazard. They have about two thirds more risk than we do,” he says. “That’s based on the frequency of big quakes, how close their built environment is to active faults like the San Andreas and the Hayward. There’s a whole suite of them. They have more deformation, more quakes, bigger faults near their population centers. It makes sense that they need to build to a higher standard.”

canada goose store If Portland were to have a large crustal earthquake, though, that might canada goose be different. “If you had a magnitude 7 on the Portland Hills fault, the impact might be greater because you have more vulnerable buildings than San Francisco does,” he says. “In that sense, when the earthquake does occur it’s going to be every bit as bad. Buildings like hospitals should consider that standard or even more. We only talking about a small percentage of the building’s cost. buy canada goose jacket It’s something worth thinking about, so your hospital is functional after the earthquake. And I think with schools it’s something to consider. And it’s a question: are we going to keep this old reinforced masonry structure? We can’t build the building anywhere near where it should be. Maybe we should consider taking it down and building a modern structure. It’ll be much safer for the children and actually may cost less than retrofitting the old one. Those are the decisions that have to be made.” canada goose store

canada goose As dire as the forecast may be, when I told Steele that canadian goose jacket I worried about all of Portland historic homes being destroyed, he took less of a fatalistic tone. “It’s less of a problem for a number of reasons,” he says. “One, wood framed structures tend to perform pretty well in earthquakes. Many aren’t bolted their foundation though. But for a small percentage of the cost of your home you can do so, and you can create what’s called a pony wall so the house won’t rack over without any reinforcement and drop onto its foundation. You strengthen that and bold to the foundation, and you’ve made a good improvement. canada goose coats on sale It’s also important to strap down your hot water heater so it won tear the gas lines from your heater.” canada goose

Canada Goose online “What I’m not sure about,” he adds, “is if the ground will shake enough during a Cascadia quake to shake homes off their foundations. It’s difficult to anticipate with any accuracy how strong the shaking’s going to be in any neighborhood. There’s great variability. That said, it would probably be around 20 percent shaking. It takes 30 and above before houses are shaking off their foundation. Crustal quakes, things come off their foundations fairly easily. But that’s not the most common hazard. Those really high accelerations are probably not going to happen.” Canada Goose online

canada goose deals Perhaps the biggest takeaway from our conversation is that the New Yorker article can provide a wake up call that saves lives. canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale “It takes good planning and a focus of our resources,” Steele says. “If it’s something we really love, those areas should get some public investment to do what’s necessary to protect those buildings. Secondly, the public has some skin in the game. We can say, want you to spend lots of money to protect these structures. The public needs to look for ways to help property owners make those improvements and share some of those costs so it’s doable. You don’t want buildings abandoned so no one can afford to do something. But really tearing Canada Goose Parka down some old buildings that aren’t iconic is really the best option.” canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket “It’s a balancing act, isn’t it? It’s trying to take advantage of the opportunities. After the quake a lot of unreinforced masonry buildings are damaged, and some of those you’ll want to rebuild. But there would be a lot of federal dollars and other resources that would flow in that would allow some significant improvements. There are advantages you can achieve when part of the deck is cleared.” buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats “You can’t do everything,” Steele says. “I just wish we were a little more systematic about strengthening our infrastructure. Seattle has failed so far to pass an unreinforced masonry ordinance. Hopefully Portland will have a little better luck. You’re still looking at ways of helping landowners meet the requirements. The engineering part is the simplest. It’s about how you implement canada goose coats this and bring everyone alone. everybody’s problem. It needs to be everyone’s solution.” canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Roosevelt high School (photo by Matthew Ginn) canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet BY BRIAN LIBBY Canada Goose Outlet

Last November, voters approved $482 million school construction bond for Portland Public Schools by a two thirds majority.

The bond will fully renovate three high schools Grant, Roosevelt and Franklin while replacing Faubion School (which serves Pre K through 8th graders), strengthening several other schools against earthquakes, and repaying loans that funded canada goose clearance 9 roof replacements, 47 boiler conversions, and construction of the Rosa Parks School. The bond will additionally increase to schools for students, teachers and visitors with disabilities and upgrade classrooms at middle grade schools.

Canada Goose Parka Although the $482 million will do much to address ongoing physical needs at these schools, neither their upkeep nor funding will ever be complete. average age of PPS schools is more than 65 years old. More than half of PPS schools were built in the 1940s or earlier. What more, the district funding structure means PPS must continually go to voters hat in hand for funding in a manner that means they are always fighting from behind to keep up with deferred maintenance Canada Goose Parka.

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]]>NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) A security guard in Queens was caught

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