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Whenever you are in danger, whether in ocean or in war or in the wild, remember me. I shall save you.


Baba Lokenath Prayer Mantra

Joy Baba Mongolkari, Lokenath Brahmachari
Joy Baba Rakshmakari, Lokenath Brahmachari

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The Saint of Bengal

Here is one sage who predicted that a century after his death, he would be greatly revered by one and all.


God as the Creator of the Universe
God who walked the Earth

  • Baba Lokenath

    An Embodiment of Love
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  • Baba Lokenath

    An Embodiment of Compassion
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  • Baba Lokenath

    An Embodiment of Humility
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  • Baba Lokenath

    An Embodiment of Divinity
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  • Baba Lokenath

    Divine Presence, Even in Death
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  • Baba Lokenath

    Early Life and Yogic Practices
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Baba Lokenath could seem indifferent
Baba Loknath’s Miracles

  • The Unwelcomed Guest

    A persistent devotee once beseeched Baba to attend a dinner that was part of the last ceremonial rites ...

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  • Radhika Mohan Roy

    Radhika Mohan Roy was a wealthy man suffering from chronic rheumatism which partially paralyzed him. Although he could ...

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  • Heaven’s Milk for the Divine Child

    Umaprasanna Nag had been blessed with a son, but lost his wife during childbirth. There was no one ...

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  • The Barren Conceive

    Other infertile women often came to Baba, begging to have children through His mercy and grace. Baba took ...

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Baba Lokenath Promises

  • Darkness disappears with the rising sun. The thief runs away when the householder awakens. Likewise, contemplate on the higher qualities and the lower instincts in you will run away, and your body will become the temple of the Divine.
  • The three shots that cause all the sorrow and misery in this world are – insulting words, loss of wealth, loss of most near and dear ones. One who bears with patience the pain of all these three shots will be able to conquer death.
  • If ever you should feel a sense of gratitude toward me, give some alms to the poor. Whatever you may give to the poor, neglected and downtrodden brethren of yours with true love, I shall always receive it.
  • Any such deed that brings you a sense of repentance and grief after it is done is a sin; any action that creates a peaceful and happy state of mind is a virtue.
  • I only ask you to perform all your actions consciously. Do whatever you like but do it consciously and with a sense of awareness. Once you become conscious and aware, you will find that your conscience prevents you from doing any evil deed.
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108 Names of Baba Lokenath

  1. Om Lokenathaya Namah
  2. Om Baradinathaya Namah
  3. Om Mrityunjayay Lokenathaya Namah
  4. Om Mrityubhai Abhaipradaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  5. Om Sthiraya Lokenathaya Namah
  6. Om Sthanave Lokenathaya Namah
  7. Om Varadaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  8. Om Sarvatmane Lokenathaya Namaha
  9. Om Vishnuvallabhaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  10. Om Digamvaraya Lokenathaya Namaha
  11. Om Shashvataya Lokenathaya Namaha
  12. Om Bhagavate Lokenathaya Namaha