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International Society of lokenath (ISLOKE) is a non- profit charitable organization registered Head Office in Kalighat, Kolkata, India & Branch office Located in Lokenath babar Samadhi pith, Barodhi, Narayangonj, Bangladesh. This organization was established under inspiration and divine grace of shree shree Baba Lokenath Bramhachari.

Great souls have come to mankind to uplift their lives and the way to lead it. They have always inspired mankind to master the art of living in a way to stay close to purity and happiness. Sri Loknath Baba was one such eminent personality who still glitters in million of Bengali hearts. Amongst a few – a very few semi-legendary Hindu saints, who marked their names all across India, Bangladesh and even abroad, Sri Loknath Bramhchari Baba was the one.

This seven feet tall saint with skeletal structure, marked his name all over the country and his teaching were endeared by the common mass of the society. His precious preaching of love, devotion and faith in the Almighty has turned out to be the life style of millions of people across the nation. He said: "I have seen only myself. I am bound by my own karma. The materialistic world is bound by the tongue and the sex organ. He who can restrain these two is fit to attain enlightenment.

“Our vision is to propagate the tenet of Baba Sree Sree Lokenath Bramhachari and encourage people to follow a conscious, awaken, self realized life and to be compassionate and kind as baba taught us. Under his divine inspiration to help under privileged, treatment for deprived people in every possible way in their health.”

He said we can achieve greatness and elevate ourselves through self-awareness, self-enquiry and self-purification and connected ourselves to higher awareness and universal consciousness. Baba was most kind and compassionate to all mankind. During his physical life, thousands of people and devotees were touched by his grace and able to change their life.

Baba’s compassion for everybody irrespective their religion, caste, social status inspire us to extend our kindness to those who needed most.

To foster peace and harmony through spiritual knowledge and Baba Looknath`s philosophy among the Hindu community and community at large in India, Bangladesh and other countries. Isloke is committed to leading efforts to advance effective cooperation for peace and harmony on local, national and global levels and these will be done through nurturing spiritual teaching guided by Baba Lokenath and community based services such as education, employability skills and research & development.

"To promote and practice the philosophy of Baba Lokenath Brahmachari as a part of Hindu religious and cultural heritage. Isloke shall extend the community services to devotees with a principle to establish a community with peace, amity with one another, respect for democracy, rule of law and human rights".

With the Infinite Grace of Yogavatar Baba Loknath, we are trying our utmost to fulfill the dream to share the Divine wisdom of the Living Gita with all the million devotees of Baba Loknath around the world.

We always need your valuable help and constant inspiration. Hence, it is our most humble appeal to you to keep in constant touch with us and send in your helpful suggestions.

Help us to spread the holy wisdom and Infinite Grace of Baba Loknath around the world and among the people of all countries, all religions and all sections.

Honesty, Sincerity and Devotion are our only strength.
Isloke of Baba Lokenath is one of the visions of the devotees.

Joy baba lokenath, joy shibo lokenath,

Joy guru lokenath, joy maa lokenath,

Joy bramho lokenath.

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Baba Lokenath Promises

  • Darkness disappears with the rising sun. The thief runs away when the householder awakens. Likewise, contemplate on the higher qualities and the lower instincts in you will run away, and your body will become the temple of the Divine.
  • The three shots that cause all the sorrow and misery in this world are – insulting words, loss of wealth, loss of most near and dear ones. One who bears with patience the pain of all these three shots will be able to conquer death.
  • If ever you should feel a sense of gratitude toward me, give some alms to the poor. Whatever you may give to the poor, neglected and downtrodden brethren of yours with true love, I shall always receive it.
  • Any such deed that brings you a sense of repentance and grief after it is done is a sin; any action that creates a peaceful and happy state of mind is a virtue.
  • I only ask you to perform all your actions consciously. Do whatever you like but do it consciously and with a sense of awareness. Once you become conscious and aware, you will find that your conscience prevents you from doing any evil deed.
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108 Names of Baba Lokenath

  1. Om Lokenathaya Namah
  2. Om Baradinathaya Namah
  3. Om Mrityunjayay Lokenathaya Namah
  4. Om Mrityubhai Abhaipradaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  5. Om Sthiraya Lokenathaya Namah
  6. Om Sthanave Lokenathaya Namah
  7. Om Varadaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  8. Om Sarvatmane Lokenathaya Namaha
  9. Om Vishnuvallabhaya Lokenathaya Namaha
  10. Om Digamvaraya Lokenathaya Namaha
  11. Om Shashvataya Lokenathaya Namaha
  12. Om Bhagavate Lokenathaya Namaha